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Just got a link to this site from a friend of mine. It is a blog post about some of our Tjin Edition projects. – http://jdmbitches.com/2009/03/01/%C2%BFtienes-algun-builder-que-te-mate-con-su-estilo/

“I present to you one of the best if not the best “builder” of cars of our style of the U.S.A. This “builder” focuses on American made cars. Neil Tjin is the name of the builder whom I’m going to speak about in this editorial. His own car is a “hard to find four door R34 Skiline” w/multiple changes of style each year, for each occasion of his tour in the U.S. Tjin has a tour predicted in various location in the U.S. we hope to know when he will come close to New York because I assure you we will be present so you can see the quality of the “builder” Not only does he go to the extreme of creating a tour throughout the U.S. but he also won in the SEMA 09 the GM Design Awards winners. If your intrigue is that much I present to you some of his most popular projects. wwwTjinEditionTour.com.”


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  1. 1 lineacreativa
    July 7, 2009 at 5:39 PM

    Hey!.. Tjin here is ED…! from jdmbitches.com puertorican jdm & carshows Blog PR ..

    Keep Going on ur projects!,The King of builders!

    Edgar (ED..!)

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