GM Design Camaro Winners List Leaked!

I just found this info on the GMTunerSource.com website. These guys leak everything first! Check it.

GM Design SEMA Camaro Winners List

The 2010 Camaro is one of the hottest cars on the scene right now and one that no doubt will be the “it” car at this year’s SEMA Show. Now while anyone can head down to the showroom floor of their local Chevy dealer and pick one of these bad boys up, only a very select few individuals will be chosen by the GM Design Team to build a custom Camaro on behalf of General Motors. In total, eight Camaros will be delivered to the designers that won the design contest with a mix of V6 and V8 model renderings being selected.

The GM Design team is careful to provide an eclectic mix of Camaro concepts come SEMA time so the winners selected are from across all genres of automotive design and cultures. Those same folks at GM Design also like to make designers sweat a little and are only giving the lucky winners a total of eight weeks to complete their dream Camaro. All winning vehicles will be any combination of boosted, painted and lowered and will be equipped with new sets of wheels, brakes, speakers and interior accoutrements. So when the doors at the 2010 SEMA Show open, there should be a Camaro flavored for everyone’s tastes out on the floor.

GMTS friend and acclaimed car designer Neil Tjin was selected to receive one of the eight Camaros. This shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing how Neil has built some of the hottest GM-based creations over the past few years with his “Tjin Edition” Cobalt, Solstice and G8 GT. The new Tjin Edition Camaro will also be featured on the 2010 Tjin Edition Tour after its SEMA debut. Other Camaros going on tour after the SEMA show will be Rick Bottom’s Camaro which will be joining the Eclipse tour and Nick Ashby’s Camaro that will be loaded onto the National Guard tour.

As we draw ever closer to this year’s show, we’ll release the renderings of the winners proposed designs also. For the full rundown of Camaro winners, see below:

* Tjin Edition – Neil Tjin
* National Guard – Nick Ashby
* Rick Bottom Designs – Rick Bottom
* Sound Choice Audio and Performance – Mark Abate
* Bomex Aero
* DSO Eyewear
* Conrad Grunewald
* Trent’s Trick Upholstery

GMTS will be covering the builds in detail and breaking images and videos here. Continue to follow here at GMTS for all your up to date and breaking news as well as a behind the scenes look at what these builders and designers are up to.


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