Sentinel Cumberlink Newspaper Article

Dream cars draw crowds at car show

Dicey weather didn’t keep people away from Carlisle Performance and Style show.

Dave Lightner of Duncannon shows off a Nissan Skyline, which is the only four-door version in the United States, at the Performance and Style show at the Carlisle fairgrounds Saturday.

Taking baby for a ride in your tricked-out vehicle doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style — at least not if you’re Neil Tjin.

That’s because his customized 2009 Pontiac G8 GT sports not only enhanced performance but also a matching car seat so his recently born child can ride in safety.

“We even have the lap belt with ‘Tjin Edition’ on it,” said Dave Lightner, showing off latest in automotive fashions for infants. Lightner is manager of Tjin’s East Coast tour and, in the absence of the automotive designer, spent a lot of time answering questions about the Pontiac and other exceptional cars on display Saturday.

But it wasn’t the car seats the drew the most attention. Instead, onlookers ranged themselves beside the cars’ lifted hoods and gazed at the engines.

Lightner explained that Tjin worked with Vortech to develop a supercharger engine that took the Pontiac from about 360 hp to about 600. Then, he said, the blue Pontiac was used as a prototype to develop a kit.

“Now you can get one like it for your car,” Lightner said — assuming, of course, that the listener has a 2009 Pontiac G8 GT. Other special features of Tjin’s car include a video camera installed in what is usually the trunk keyhole so a driver can flip open the glove compartment and see exactly where he or she is backing.

Nearby, another of Tjin’s modified cars also drew admiration.

“It’s a Skyline — that’s all you got to know!” said Carlisle resident Jeremy Crow.

“I would probably give my left leg to own that car,” said Ryan Burgin, also of Carlisle. What immediately drew his attention was the placement of the gray 2000 Nissan Skyline GT-R’s steering wheel.

“It’s right-hand drive, which are big in Japan,” Burgin said. “One-lug wheels — I just noticed that.”

And that wasn’t all. Lightner said the engine kit on the Skyline put it at about 900 hp — “Ungodly loud, all exhaust” — and it’s the only four-door version in North America. A lot of people ask if they had to rebuild it that way, because only the coupes are shipped here, but he said Tjin just got the Japanese version.

Both cars also feature enhancements from GlowShift Gauges and roll bars. The bars are particularly important for the Skyline, which has two fuel cells in the trunk compartment, Lightner said, noting that it’s not really intended for street driving.

However, Lightner said, the Pontiac is, and he got to drive it from Duncannon, where he lives, to the show.

“It’s been great,” Lightner said of this year’s show.

Joe Sansone and Alex Schifano, who drove down from Buffalo to be at the car show for the weekend, stopped for a moment to look at the Skyline.



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