F4 Challenge “The New Platform in Automotive Showmanship”

Do You and Your Ride Have What It Takes?


To all you automotive gear heads out there are you ready for a new and exciting platform that will change the way you think of automotive showmanship events. We are proud to introduce the all-new F4 Challenge, brought to you by Andy Goodman, founder of the NCCA and a team of elite automotive experts with more then fifty years of combined automotive experience.

The main criteria for the F4 Challenge will be based on fabrication, fitment, form and functionality. The highly skilled and qualified team of experts will be looking at these four fundamentals to determine the stand out vehicles in both the amateur and experienced classes.

The new F4 Challenge will focus on craftsmanship, execution, creativity, and construction which will make it possible for a mildly modified vehicle to be competitive against a highly modified vehicle. Gone are the days of over the top show cars, where quantity outweighed quality, and cars that were not built with functionality. No longer is it about how much money you spend on your car, but it is about how wisely your money is spent on planning, research and development. The F4 Challenge platform will also make it possible for all segments of automotives to participate, that’s right F4 will cater to import or domestic, truck or SUV, classic or modern, gas or hybrid, all automotive vehicles are all welcome. F4 will have just one rule, no stock vehicles will be allowed to participate, as the new F4 Challenge is designed for all types of custom motor vehicles

The F4Challlenge is here to lead the car show segment into a bright future. With an executive board of elite industry affiliates, which have been selected specifically for their expertise the F4 Challenge is about to set a new standard with its focus about the car builders who keep the automotive industry alive.

Stay tuned, as the F4 Challenge will be coming to a city near you in 2009.



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