From TSW’s to One Lug Wheels

I have always been a huge fan of high-end wheels. Wheels that were different, hard to find, and most importantly custom built for our cars. In the mid 90’s I got my first set of wheels, TSW Stealths, then I moved onto a set of Club Lineas, and then onto a set of VeilSide Andrew Racing Mesh. After rocking the Andrew Racing Mesh for a few years, it was time for our first set of Advan’s. In ’97 we ordered a set of 19″ Advan Sienna Generation II’s and a set of Advan Model 6’s. These were some of the first Advan wheels in the US and we all know what happened after that.

After we moved to SoCal in 2003 we teamed up with the fine folks at HRE Wheels. In the two years that followed we did close to 20 project cars with them. It all started with the Turtle Wax Nissan 240sx and ended with our Chevy Cobalt SS.

After the 2007 SEMA show we teamed up with a brand new wheel company called One Lug Wheels. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to do a Tjin Edition car with one lug wheels. As soon as I found out about One Lug Wheels I was sold. Not only do their wheels feature the one lug conversion, but they have incredibly sexy styles, and all their wheels are three-piece and custom built for your car.

For the 2008 Tjin Edition Tour we redid our Skyline, Cobalt, and Solstice with One Lug Wheels, and now we are working on a Pontiac G8 CST for Pontiac (to debut at the SEMA show) which will be rocking a custom set of fully polished One Lug Wheels.

Here are some photos of the Tjin Edition cars rocking One Lug Wheels.

Tjin Edition Nissan Skyline ER34
Front: 20X10” OLW_4 Wheels
Rear: 20X11” OLW_4 Wheels

Tjin Edition Chevrolet Cobalt SS
Front: 19X9” OLW_5 Wheels
Rear: 19X9.5” OLW_5 Wheels

Tjin Edition Pontiac Solstice
Front: 19X8.5” OLW_1 Wheels
Rear: 19X11.5” OLW_1 Wheels

Pontiac G8 CST with 6-Spoke One Lug Wheels on the driver side

Pontiac G8 CST with 7-Spoke One Lug Wheels on the passenger side

Stay tuned as I will have updates on the Tjin Edition G8 CST as we get closer to SEMA.



1 Response to “From TSW’s to One Lug Wheels”

  1. September 23, 2008 at 4:43 AM

    1 lugs are super sexy!
    good choice and always glad to you the Tjin crew being trend setters in the industry.

    btw, Support the ProjectCelsior is looking for a set of high-profile wheels… *hint*



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