Happy 26th Bday to Me!!!!

Thank you to everyone who has called, texted and aimed me today.

I can’t believe I am 26, I mean 30 already, boy time does fly when you are having fun.

Today I received three amazing surprises.

1) Mei and I went to to doctor to check on baby Collin and everything is looking great on the baby front. Collin currently weighs 5lbs 15ounces and his heart beat was at 135 beats per minute. Collin will be making his debut to the world in a few short weeks. 4.5 weeks and counting!

2) Mei got me LAKER tickets to watch Kobe duel it out with Lebron at the Staple Center!!!! I had no clue what she was getting me, as she did her best to keep it a secret. When I saw the envelope on my desk, I tried guess for all of about 30 seconds and then I decided to open it up, and what am amazing surprise. Mei knows me better then I know myself, as I didn’t even know what I wanted for my 30th Bday, but she surely did!!!!!

3) And from The Gene I got something that I have needed for a while, and no I am not talking about a growth spurt, but what I am talking about is a new wallet. Sitting on my desk was a TOD’S bag, containing the sickest TOD’S wallet ever. Gene had asked me a few days ago what I wanted for my Bday and of course he stepped up to the plate and found what I was looking for.

Thank you Lord for a healthy baby boy, Mei for getting me tickets to see Kobe take on Lebron, and Gene for a wallet that will be empty about 99% of the time (but it will look great when I pull it out to use my credit card).


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